Revised 24 May 2019

Doxiadis coined the name Ecumenopolis for a global city of the future. His forecast of this global city was based on the world's population levelling out at 30 billion people by 2100. Doxiadis envisaged Ecumenopolis as being a utopian global city with a consumer level of life and energy consumption per capita much greater than it is now. It is doubtful whether Doxiadis in 1968 was aware that a human population of 30 billion people with a high level of consumption would far exceed the carrying capacity of our planet Earth. It is also doubtful whether Doxiadis was aware of peaking of fossil fuels before 2100 with the need to transition over to renewable energy, and that continued use of fossil fuels with subsequent emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere would exacerbate climate change.